Dry Stone Walling Courses

The South West England Branch of the Dry Stone Walling Association  runs weekend beginners' courses throughout the year. If you've always wanted to have a go, or have your own wall you want to work on then I can't recommend these courses enough. I will declare now that whilst I am the Secreatary of the Branch I base my comments on seeing many, de-stresed, tired and happy participants over the years.Details at www.swedswa.org.uk There are branches all over the country. Your nearest can be found at www.dswa.org.uk

If you get the 'bug' and want to take things further, then you can join your local Branch, and even go on to take exams. Exams are not compulsory but are recommended if you wish to work professionally. 

Lime Mortar Training

As with many things they are only a mystery if you don't know how to do them. Lime Mortar work is one such mystery. However once the basics have been mastered then it's a question of practice, gaining more knowledge and a degree of experimentation.

If you would like to be more hands on with your project but don't know how, then I would be happy to provide you with some one to one training at your site.

Pointing is a good place to start; its also a great way to relax and can be done a little at a time. As an example it may be that you take on some of the pointing whilst I concentrate on the more technical aspects. Costs are usually based on the days training, and whether I am involved in other aspects of the work. Its good to pass on knowledge and share enthusiasm!

The comments below were kindly supplied by Mr C, the owner of a long limestone boundary wall, typical of  the Mendips. 

''Having never really looked at the structure of a wall before; let alone repaired one, Simon’s instruction was methodical, logical and realistic. He combines a powerful desire to see the job done properly with the patience and ability to instruct beginners like me in all aspects of wall building and repair. A very good experience and highly recommended.''