Greenspace Walling.

 Horfield, BRISTOL, BS7 0HJ

0117 9690258  m 07873 343469

Quarries and Stone  - honey coloured stone, Cut stone fireplaces, building and walling. Usefully deliver stone in bags if required. mainly known for their stone tiles in Forest Marble. Also supplies walling stone. The forest marble is gold/grey and very hard. Weathers well. David the owner is a lovely bloke. Easy to find fossilised wood in the stone beds. Supply both cropped and as dug walling stone. They do not deliver stone bagged but will allow you to bag it up at the quarry for them to transport. Some nice chunky stone including forest marble. Wide range of stone products. Walling stone can be delivered bagged. Hard, some which rings/chinks like china. of many different types of stone and aggregates. Can usually source most types of stone.

Before any project I wil normally visit the quarries to see what the stone is like. Being a natural product it can vary from month to month, depending on the consistency of the bed from which it is being dug.

Other sources include reclamation yards - at Frampton Cotterall is worth a visit particularly for Hambrook Stone ( a red sandstone associated with the Bristol coalfield).

Lime and Aggregates

HJ Chard & Sons, 1 Cole Road, BRISTOL, BS2 0UG 0117 9777681  One of the main suppliers of lime products to the Bristol Area. No web site though as yet.  Taunton area. Helpful and friendly

Other  I worked on a wall for Simon and Christine last spring and was fortunate enough to be able to try just a tiny selection of their fantastic teas.